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A Fly in Amber: The di Falco Roadster

In the hobby of hot rodding, the phrase “daily driver” gets thrown around more than it probably should. There are people who make exceptions for rain, darkness, traffic and things of the like, which quickly dilutes the credibility of the statement. Throughout our sport’s history, the majority of cars we now call iconic were driven daily simply because their owners didn’t feel like taking the bus. And on the most basic level, isn’t that the point of all this?

As I walked up to David di Falco’s shop in downtown Petaluma, California, I instantly recognized his daily driver—a Model A roadster with weathered paint like an automotive core sample—parked out front. It was a Saturday morning, and he had the garage door open to let in the warm spring air. He signaled for me to ignore the “Do Not Enter” sign and step inside.

Click here to read the full story of an American craftsman and his homebuilt machine on The Jalopy Journal

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